Saturday, 30 September 2017

spooky halloween

On a spooky halloween night me, kruz, and hopa went to a haunted house. We thought it wasn't haunted. perhaps The house owner left the front door open but we still went inside.Hello tevarihi said. Nobody answered but just echos of our voices. We straight away explored the kitchen with a torchlight that was smelly.We on the torchlight but it was Flat so we looked for batteries in the bag. So we grabbed them and put them in the light switch. The light suddenly turned on. We weren't surprised. We also kept hearing noises up stairs It was creepy. We did not wanna go up there. ‘Truth or dare said hopa to tevarihi dare i said.I dare you to go up the stairs said hopa. Heck no. I will give you my candy cried hopa fine tevarihi said. But I said if we can go up together we did. So we tip toe up the stairs. We saw a shadow at the Windows. The shadow was black and had a voice. The voice was like a little chickmunk. We laughed together. It was just a mouse. HAHA we nearly had a heart attack. But we went trick or treating and lived hapilly ever after.

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